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Teaching Methodology


Live Classes: A two-way interaction between a student and tutor. It's a combination of a video call and a classroom atmosphere - it's a virtual classroom. We do record all of our live classes and are accessible to all registered students throughout their sessions. Multimedia contents are used to clear the concepts.


Post Class Assignments: After the end of every class we give assignments by relating the class contents and previous years’ questions paper which helps the students to understand the concepts and tricks of questions solving techniques. Where student will get a chance to solve different types of probable questions which will help them to discover what they understand and what is confusing.


Individual Attentions: We understand each individual is an entity with unique potential and learning styles. When we are able to point it out and address it early on, we stand in a better position to give them the opportunity to overcome the hurdles in their path and showcase their brilliance and making the entire growth process becomes a blissful experience.


Mock Test: The sole objective of our mock test is to familiarize the students to the examination environment. Increases the speed of problem-solving and helps the students know in which subject he or she is weak. Here students can mark questions in which they have doubts and get them cleared from teachers.


Chapter wise Revision: We understand repetition is an excellent and effective way to absorb information. For information to be transferred into your long-term memory you need to repeat it over a longer period of time rather than quickly rushing through subjects. Chapter wise revision will help increase student’s confidence and reduce anxiety and they will be well prepared for the examination.


Doubt Clearing Classes: It is believed that Doubt clearing classes are generally for the slow learners but for us it is to remove the pre-examination jitters of students to a great extent.  It is said that if you have doubts, you are perfectly normal. And if you don’t have doubts, then something is wrong. Either you know everything and you are a genius or you are not studying and are merely reading the subject.  Asking questions or doubts help in stimulating your brain and gives you a chance of understating the topic in much detailed manner. One thing is sure that when we ask a doubt or a question we get to learn something new. So when you ask a doubt about something, it is possible that you will get to know something new and important that you might have missed earlier.


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